Buffalo's 5K Obstacle Course, Zombie 5K, Zombie Run



Running a 5K with the living not really your thing?

At the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run, only the quick and strong will survive. What’s that you say? You’re already among the undead and misery loves company? Cool. Join the Zombie Horde at the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run and see how many of the living you can take down with you.


Well, if you don’t have a place among the living, you can sign up as one of two types of Zombies for the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run.

Chaser Zombie (only 5 per outbreak)
These zombies will start 5 minutes after their assigned outbreak (giving the humans a head start) and will pursue the runners throughout PANDEMIC.

Roaming Zombies
These Zombies will be assigned a location on PANDEMIC by BZMR staff and they will feast upon any and all runners that enter their zone. NO ZOMBIES will be allowed in the safe zones or on the obstacles.

All Zombie entries in the BZMR will include:

  • A Buffalo Buffalo Mud Run t-shirt
  • Snacks and water
  • Admittance to the Survivors Party!

Zombies can participate in one of these four-hour shifts:
11:30am-4:00 pm

Registration Fees

All zombies must pre-register to acquire race day admission.

Parking: FREE, donations will be accepted for the local fire department.
Race day registration begins at 8:00 AM
First Outbreak at 9:00 AM

Each subsequent outbreak is 30 minutes later until 4:00 PM

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