We may not be able to protect you from Chaser Zombies, but we can provide you with a safe environment to enjoy a great Zombie Mud Run! Here are the rules to live by so everyone has a great time and finishes the race one way or another…

What to do and what not to do to enjoy and survive the BZMR:

DO NOT have direct or intentional aggressive physical contact with any runner or zombie on the course. 

DO NOT touch, hit, tackle, kick or anything else that may be harmful to the Zombies or other runners. If you violate these rules, you will be automatically disqualified and escorted from the course without refund.

DO NOT try to hide your lifelines inside of clothing. Zombies are slow and dumb; you will not need to cheat.

DO NOT carry weapons (real or fake) on The Great Pumpkin Farm Grounds or the Pandemic Course.

DO NOT bring drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food / beverages onto The Great Pumpkin Farm Grounds. Approved beverages include water bottles or sports drinks up to 1 liter in size.

DO NOT bring pets onto The Great Pumpkin Farm Grounds.

DO NOT worry about your belongings while on the course, baggage check will be available for participants during the race (please do not bring any valuables). The baggage check will close promptly at 6:30pm.

DO NOT show up intoxicated. Visibly intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate in the race. Please arrive to your Outbreak unimpaired.

DO NOT steal lifelines. Runners are not allowed to take other runner’s lifelines or pick them up off the ground.

DO NOT expect a refund. No refunds will be provided once registration is submitted to the Buffalo Zombie Mud Run.

DO line up at least 15 minutes before your Outbreak. Outbreaks close five minutes after the first runners begin to cross the “Start” line. You must run in the Outbreak that you are registered for.

DO work together as a team with friends, family and strangers. This is SURVIVAL, after all.

DO make sure all runners are 14 years of age or older by the day of the race in order to participate.

DO abide by all instructions given from the race directors, race staff, volunteers and security. Failure to comply can lead to your disqualification from the event with no hope of a refund.

DO bring an official form of identification (drivers license, photo ID, etc.) or a parent/guardian if you are a minor. Entrance to the event is prohibited without it.

DO bring a towel and change of clothes (participants will be covered in slime, mud and other foreign substances after the race). We will have Decontamination Stations on-site with “Biohazard Clean Rooms” for changing after your Outbreak so you can clean up and enjoy the rest of the event.

DO consider wearing costumes, they are both welcomed and encouraged. What better way to identify your team of family and friends and confuse the zombies?

DO recognize safe zones. Safe zones will be designated throughout the course, which are off limits to the Zombie menace.